‘Great damage to our democratic system’: Senator Woo takes aim at media in wake of foreign election interference report

The Hill Times

Independent Senator Yuen Pau Woo (British Columbia) says Canadian media have done a “great disservice to this country” and “great damage to our democratic system” in casting a “pall of trust and faith in the electoral system” in recent remarks following the release of special rapporteur David Johnston’s report into foreign election interference.

In an interview with The Hill Times following the May 24 panel session, Woo said “I’m waiting for the media to come to grips with what David Johnston said about the veracity of the various claims, and for just one minute not talk about whether they like Johnston or whether he’s a buddy of Trudeau, and deal with the substance of his report vis a vis the veracity of media claims.” “I’d like to see a coming to terms—maybe they’ve got a silver bullet piece of evidence that they want to show us, in which case we deserve to see it too,” said Woo. “The time has come for them to demonstrate transparency and accountability when the former governor general has said point blank that many of these claims are erroneous.” “They have set this up now for the whole country to believe that really bad things, nefarious things have been going on in this country, and Johnston has said there’s no evidence for it,” he said.
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