Will You Provide Support to Organizations Maligned by the "Chinese Police Station" Investigations?

Senator Gold, last week, the Minister for Security in the United Kingdom announced that after an investigation of the so-called police stations in the U.K., no illegal activity was found at any of these stations.

When will the RCMP and the Minister of Public Safety in Canada do the same for the investigations that are ongoing with the so-called police stations in Canada, particularly in Montreal?

Hon. Marc Gold (Government Representative in the Senate): Thank you for your question, senator. As I’ve mentioned on several occasions in this chamber, the RCMP is actively investigating. When those investigations have been concluded, I’m sure the results of those investigations will be communicated to the government and to the public, as appropriate.

Senator Woo: Senator Gold, in the meantime, there are organizations and individuals who have been maligned by these accusations. They have had their funding cut for services that provide language training and settlement for immigrants. They remain under a cloud, and they continue to be slandered by the media and by others, including some in our own Parliament.

Senator Gold, what can the minister do to provide some support for these organizations that have not been charged with anything — where the evidence from other countries suggests that the so-called police stations are a hoax? What is the government going to do to provide some remedies for organizations that are under siege?

Senator Gold: Thank you for your questions. As I have stated before in this chamber, there’s no doubt that the allegations that have swirled around the issue of foreign interference have caused harm and discomfort, to say the least, to members of the diaspora community. That is the reason why the government is proceeding in a prudent and responsible way. By having proper investigations by the RCMP — which works at arm’s length from the government — matters can be dealt with on the basis of facts, and not allegations and innuendoes. The Government of Canada is committed to doing the right thing for those organizations if it turns out that the allegations are unfounded. I’m not in a position right now to know, much less respond, with regard to the issue of potential remedies.

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