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Tribute to the Honourable Joseph A. Day

Honourable senators, on behalf of the Independent Senators Group, I rise today to add my voice in bidding farewell to our colleague Senator Joseph Day. Senator Day has contributed much to this place, and with a little help from some of his friends I will highlight just a few of the ways that he left his mark on Canada’s upper chamber. Senator Day’s list of accomplishments is long. He graduated from RMC in 1968 and was named best all-around graduate and outstanding college athle…
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Forty-third Parliament Welcoming Remarks

Honourable senators, I would also like to welcome everyone back to the Senate for the start of the Forty-third Parliament. While I’m sure we all enjoyed the pomp and ceremony of last week’s Speech from the Throne and the presence of many VIPs in our chamber, I must say it is nice to return to more familiar surroundings this afternoon, and it is nice to see His Honour in his proper chair. May I also take this opportunity, on behalf of the Independent Senators Group, to congratul…
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Speech to the End of the Forty-second Parliament

Honourable senators, let me first acknowledge that today is National Indigenous Peoples Day. I saw AFN Chief Perry Bellegarde in the hallway. Concluding this Parliament on National Indigenous Peoples Day is a way for us to remember that we should start the next Parliament also with the importance of Indigenous issues firmly in our minds. Honourable senators, we are minutes away from concluding the Forty-second Parliament. Those of you who are familiar with the Hitchhiker’s Guid…
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Speech to Bill C-48 Amendment

Honourable senators, Bill C-48, it would seem, puts us between a rock and a hard place. The rock, some would say, is the environmental catastrophe of an oil spill on the north coast of B.C., which would forever damage the livelihoods and traditions of those who live on or near the water. The hard place, others assert, is the economic catastrophe of stranded oil assets in Alberta and Saskatchewan. A narrative has emerged in this chamber and beyond that our choice is a binary one…
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Tribute to the Honourable Richard Neufeld

Honourable colleagues, I’m pleased to add some words of thanks and congratulations to Senator Neufeld on behalf of the Independent Senators Group. Senator Neufeld has devoted his life to Canada and to British Columbia. He began his political career in 1978 on the Fort Nelson town council. His career has spanned over four decades. When I speak to folks in the northern part of British Columbia, everyone knows Senator Neufeld and everyone speaks of him with great respect and admir…
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