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Sen. Yuen Pau Woo links CBC coverage to "a torrent of abuse and physical threats"

The Georgia Straight He says that it is precisely because of our history that we need to tell the Chinese that our own experiment with forced assimilation failed According to Sen. Yuen Pau Woo, this has put him in “the firing line for a torrent of abuse and physical threats”. Woo told the Straight by phone that this came as a result of the public broadcaster’s coverage of a speech that he delivered in the Senate on June 28. It was in response to a motion dea…
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Transcript of Sen. Yuen Pau Woo's speech on motion concerning genocide of Uyghurs

B.C. senator Yuen Pau Woo delivered the following speech in the Senate on June 28 in advance of a June 29 vote regarding the genocide of the Uyghurs and whether the Senate should call upon the International Olympic Committee to move the 2022 Games out of China: "Honourable colleagues, I am glad for the opportunity to speak to this motion, which is controversial for many reasons and has generated strong emotions.  Unlike in the House of Commons, we are having a real debate ab…
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Senate leaders promise progress on committees, some of which have barely met since the last election

The Hill Times Half of the Senate's committees have held only the odd organizational meeting since the last election, thanks to a combination of disputes, negotiations, and logistical obstacles, many related to the COVID-19 pandemic. The House of Commons sorted out its committees long ago. Sen. Woo said that holding all-virtual meetings would be safer, more cost-effective, and allow the Senate to hold 20 per cent more meetings than it does now. Read…
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加拿大參議員胡元豹 剖析中加美博弈出路

加拿大充滿反華氣氛,朝野爭相比賽誰對華「強硬」,務實精神無存。胡元豹接受專訪,從國家利益、中美博弈、中加關係多個角度來分析目前困局。 在加中關係進入第五十一個年頭的時候,本來在中國與西方世界中最穩定的雙邊關係——加中關係,進入了最為惡化的時期。在孟晚舟引渡案件於三月份重啟後,加拿大總理杜魯多再次怒對中國駐加大使叢培武,直接聲稱中方司法處置兩位加拿大公民康明凱(Michael Kovrig,又譯邁克爾‧科夫里格)和邁克爾‧斯帕弗(Michael Spavor)就是「人質外交」和「脅迫外交」,是直接針對孟晚舟引渡案的報復,而非是中方所說的「獨立的司法案件」。這就讓加拿大國會通過的關於新疆「種族滅絕」無約束力決議引發的加中外交對峙,變得更為嚴峻。 與中國總理周恩來共同締造西方世界第一個與中國建交的加拿大總理老杜魯多,絕對不會想到五十年後,在他兒子、總理小杜魯多手中,加中關係變得如此風雨飄搖。客觀而言,從新冠肺炎病毒流行到仇視亞裔犯罪飆升,整個加拿大已經充滿反華氣氛,這在渥太華國會山莊表現得尤為徹底。去年底在野黨聯手壓制執政自由黨,在國會內成立了…
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Canada-China ties need reset, experts urge

China Daily Global Canada-China relations have hit "rock bottom" and are at "freezing point" since Chinese telecom executive Meng Wanzhou was arrested in 2018, and Canada's recent actions over the Xinjiang region could further harm the bilateral relationship. "The US-China rivalry sets the context for the current situation. It is the single greatest impacting factor on Ottawa's relationship with Beijing. We have to put this strategic rivalry at the…
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Support mounts for virtual-only Senate sittings

iPolitics Senators have begun discussing how to meet safely next month, given COVID-19 cases in Ontario have spiked — a plan that could move Senate sittings almost entirely off the floor of the upper house and into senators’ homes. It's already very clear that in all other activities of Canadian life, travel is being discouraged. If you extend the logic of limiting travel, you would have to conclude that Parliament has to also follow those guidelines. …
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