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A ring fence won't build national champions

The Globe and Mail (1936-2017); Oct 19, 2012; ProQuest Historical Newspapers: The Globe and Mail pg. A17 The CNOOC-Nexen review has gone into overtime. While an extension of the review process isn't unusual, the question is whether the playbook has changed. There's a danger that, with the clock running down, improvisation has taken over.  Conventional wisdom is that, while the deal will be approved, the government is working out an announcement that will include signals to fore…
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Muddled thinking on SOEs; A few state takeovers like Nexen deal won't destroy market

Yuen, Pau Woo. National Post; Don Mills, Ont. [Don Mills, Ont] 14 Sep 2012: FP.11. As the clock ticks on the 45-day review period for the proposed CNOOC-Nexen acquisition, at least one thing has become clear: Critics on the left are in rare alignment with critics on the right in their uniform opposition to the deal. The arguments are of course different. While economic nationalists call for government to block the sale of a private asset, free-market champions oppose the deal p…
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Canada playing catch-up in Asia; This country needs a leapfrog policy to transform itself into the most Asia-engaged nation in the western world

Canada is back in the game in Asia. With two recent visits by Prime Minister Stephen Harper (to China, Thailand, Korea, and Japan) and a path-breaking trip to Burma by Foreign Minister John Baird, the government has begun a serious policy tilt toward Asia. The recent federal budget under-scores this leaning toward Asia, with its focus on trade and investment negotiations across the region. Canada is now in various stages of bilateral free-trade talks with five Asian countries,…
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