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Beyond the last spike; The image of the CPR as a nation-building project owes much to Pierre Berton -- but it had more to do with connecting North America to Asia

Anne Park Shannon; Yuen, Pau Woo. The Ottawa Citizen; Ottawa, Ont. [Ottawa, Ont] 12 Nov 2010: A.11. Who is the person driving the "last spike" in the iconic photograph of the completion of the Canadian Pacific Railway at Craigellachie 125 years ago? Not the president of the railway George Stephen, as most Canadians might assume, but Lord Strathcona, another CPR luminary. While Strathcona hammered away on Nov. 7, 1885, Stephen was in London securing a subsidy for the ships that…
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Around the world, Canadians unite to celebrate Canada Day; Dual citizenship allows 2.8 million Canadians to live abroad

Devoretz, Don; Yuen, Pau Woo. Edmonton Journal; Edmonton, Alta. [Edmonton, Alta] 01 July 2010: A.12. Today, Governor-General Michaelle Jean will celebrate Canada Day not in Ottawa, but in Shanghai. Since the Queen will be in the country, her "representative" has the rare opportunity to be abroad for our national day. That the governor-general is celebrating Canada Day in China reflects a new reality of Canada's place in the world. She will be with members of the Canadian diaspo…
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Asia-Pacific and US: Not a bridge too far

The Globe and Mail (1936-2017); Apr 14, 2010; ProQuest Historical Newspapers: The Globe and Mail pg. A19 A significant majority of Canadians believe that 10 years from now, China's influence will exceed that of the United States. This finding, from the Asia Pacific Foundation of Canada's recent national poll of Canadian views on Asia, is remarkable not only for what it says about perceptions of a global power shift, but also because the same poll suggests that Canadians are not…
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