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B.C. must be a 'gateway economy'; It's not enough to be a transit hub - we need wealth-creating activities that build on our unique location

Premier Christy Clark announced last week that she will be leading a mission to China, Japan, and Korea inNovember. Standing with her at the press briefing were three executives whose businesses are emblematic of theopportunities and challenges facing the province. Port Metro Vancouver is the embodiment of Canada's Asia-Pacific gateway. Last year, five of Asia's largesteconomies accounted for more than 65 per cent of the port's international traffic. To prepare for the doubling…
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Enough talk about why Asia is important; it's time for action

Emerson, David; Yuen, Pau Woo. The Vancouver Sun; Vancouver, B.C. [Vancouver, B.C] 01 June 2013: D.4. This is not another opinion piece on the growing importance of Asia in the world, or why Asian economies are vital for Canada's prosperity. It isn't even about the need for Canada to pay more attention to Asia. Canadians pretty much already understand these realities, and virtually every federal politician and provincial leader can recite thestandard lines about Asia's rise. Th…
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Canadians abroad draw mixed reaction

Douglas Todd's feature on return migration states the obvious - that people are attracted to where opportunities lie - but goes on to treat Hong Kong immigrants as a special problem for Canada, and in so doing, misses the opportunity to raise some important issues about Canadians living abroad. To say "citizenship acquisition is key motivation" for immigrants from Asia, may have been intended to scandalize, but surely the whole point of immigration is to obtain legal status in…
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Canada must act before Asia finds energy supply

Lynch, Kevin; Yuen, Pau Woo. Calgary Herald; Calgary, Alta. [Calgary, Alta] 20 Mar 2013: A.11. Our world is pervasively global and changing profoundly, whether we like it or not. Structural trends are reshaping economies, living standards and expectations around the world. One such trend, with incredible potential for Canada, is the rapid growth of Asia's emerging economies and their impact on global demand for energy and natural resources. By 2035, according to the Internation…
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