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A Soft War in an Imagined Future

Note: This article was first published in Rising Asia Journal Volume 1, Issue 3 (AUTUMN)https://www.rajraf.org/article/a-soft-war-in-an-imagined-future/1032 The world is stumbling into a war that is neither hot nor cold. Written from the vantage point of the late 2020s, this essay in future history describes a “Soft War” that was precipitated by the geopolitical contest between an incumbent superpower and a determined challenger. Softly, softly we went to war. It is easier to…
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What does a seat at the table mean to Chinese-Canadians and to Canada?

First published by Action! Chinese Canadians Together (ACCT) Foundation  In the context of growing anti-Chinese hate in Canada and the widespread desire to do something about it, here is the key question: “What does a Canada in which anti-Chinese racism does not exist look like?” One answer is that Chinese Canadians have a “seat at the table”. The organizers of this year’s ACCT conference have asked me to reflect on precisely this topic. As a senator in Canada’s Upper House, it…
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在加社会占有一席之地对加拿大华人意味着什么? 加拿大华裔行动基金会讨论文稿 2021年6月 卑诗省联邦参议员胡元豹阁下   在加拿大的反华仇恨日益增长,大家普遍希望对此有所作为的情况下,出现一个重要议题:"一个不存在反华种族主义的加拿大是什么样的呢?" 一个答案是,加拿大华人是占有一席之地的。今年加拿大华裔行动基金会组织者邀请我思考的也正是这个话题。 作为加拿大上议院的参议员,可以肯定地说,我在政界是占有一席之地的。然而即使作为被任命的加拿大国会立法委员,并不意味着我没有遭遇种族主义行为,更不意味着反华种族主义在加拿大已经被根除。 能在上议院占有一席之地是一种莫大的荣誉,我想我是凭功绩而不是因为我的族裔而得到这一席位的。但事实证明,功绩和族裔之间是存在一定联系的,由于我的大部分职业生涯都是在加拿大与亚洲关系的公共政策领域。我碰巧在这一领域工作,与我有华裔血统、在马来西亚出生、在新加坡长大的事实不无关系。 问题是,如果我在与亚洲事务无关的另一个领域表现出色—例如在法律、艺术、社区服务或医学领域,我是否也有资格获得上议院的任命呢。对我来说,这是一个无法回…
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What is the People’s Republic of China to Canada? Towards a rethinking of bilateral relations

International Journal: Policy Brief International Journal0(0) 1–9Copyright: The Author(s) 2021Article reuse guidelines:sagepub.com/journals-permissionsDOI: 10.1177/0020702021996315journals.sagepub.com/home/ijx Prepublication Version What is China to Canada? Towards a Rethinking of Bilateral Relations[1] The Honourable Yuen Pau WooSenator for British Columbia 2021 will be the year of recalibrating Canada’s international policy and foreign relations. In the spirit of “building ba…
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